KIPP DC Awards Dining Services Contract to K-12 by Elior

K-12 by Elior is proud to announce its new culinary services partnership with KIPP DC, a community of high-performing, public schools committed to excellence, equity, and justice in Washington D.C.  K-12 by Elior, a dining services management company for public schools, was awarded the food service contract as it has demonstrated the proven capacity to serve the volume of freshly prepared meals.  K-12 by Elior will serve 7,300 students in grades PreK3 through 12th grade across 21 schools.

K-12 by Elior was also selected for serving high-quality food, cultural cuisine, and plant-forward options as well as a well-executed wellness program.   According to Dionna Day, food service director, KIPP DC, “High-quality food, reliability, and responsiveness were the driving factors that determined K-12 by Elior as the contractor of choice for our school district.  K-12 by Elior was the only contractor responsive to the needs of KIPP DC and was the most favorable amongst students during the food tastings. We are excited about this new partnership and to embark on yet again another school year.”

K-12 by Elior values the feedback of our most honest consumers – our students! “We routinely provide them opportunities to taste test new recipes crafted by our company’s chefs,” says K-12 by Elior Vice President of Operations Kathy Murray.  “Today’s students want to explore new flavors.  Our goal is to put a “tasteful” spin on nutritious meals, encouraging students to eat healthier, fueling their learning energy throughout their day.”

Further enhancing the dining experience is the robust promotional portfolio that K-12 by Elior offers to engage students.  Fresh Picks, a value-added NSLP K-12 engagement program that highlights a seasonal produce item each month, encourages the intake of more fruits and vegetables.  This also supports K-12 by Elior’s BeWell wellness approach by offering additional healthier options and nutrition education to students at each grade level.

Global Bites, another promotion, features authentic recipes from around the world!  “It gives students an opportunity to sample culturally diverse cuisine, while learning world cultures and the traditions from the featured countries,” says Senior Director of Marketing Trent Krupica.  Schools managed by K-12 by Elior have enjoyed everything from Morocco’s chicken za’atar with couscous and mint tea to Argentinian chimichurri meatballs.  October will feature baba ghanoush, a roasted and pureed eggplant spread from Lebanon.

A variety of deli sandwiches and entrée salads will be available to students at all grade levels, and a wide selection of grab-and-go items are available at the high schools.

A rebranding is also planned by K-12 by Elior where a full marketing refresh will include NutriSlice online menus and feedback, as well as the installation of digital displays in the high school dining halls.

Joy Maynard, K-12 by Elior, will serve as the dining program resident district manager.

We are eager for the opportunity to continue to build upon student engagement, innovativeness, and most importantly, for our students to experience an overall healthy and delicious dining program that will support the learning process,” says Ms. Day.

Press Release

Contact:  Grace Zarnas-Hoyer, Public Relations