National School Lunch Week Celebrated at K-12 by Elior Schools

School Leadership, Students Inspired by New Menus, and Staff Engagement During National School Lunch Week…

celebrated at K-12 by Elior-managed public and charter schools across the United States where our dining managers offered healthy new menu additions, staff engagement activities, and opportunities for school leadership to experience a refreshing change to dining that impacts their students’ lives inside and outside of the classroom.

Our recent NSLW promotion delighted principals, as noted by our new partnership with CSUSA schools in Duval and Tampa in Florida. “Your hats go with our ‘Level Up’ student achievement board,” says Keys Gate Charter School (Homestead, FL) Principal Corrine Baez, who noticed the hats that team members wore were themed after the “Marion Brothers” promo. Principal Baez is pictured second from the left.

K-12 by Elior also delivered diversified menus and a variety of healthier choices that fueled our students’ learning energy!  At Riverdale-Washington Jr. High in Chicago, Ill., students enjoyed healthy menu debuts including buffalo chicken wraps and strawberry sundaes prepared with yogurt, strawberry sauce, and graham crackers.  The on-site team also wore “Mario” themed aprons, creating a fun and interactive opportunity for staff to engage with students!

From left to right: Louis Moret (Luigi), District Manager Janice Mantle (Bowser), Regional Marketing Manager Rylee Schaefer (Princess Peach), Food Service Director Mauveline Preston (Mario), Food Service Director Shaula Anderson (Wario), Evelyn Johnson (Donkey Kong), and LaShonda Fleming (Princess Daisy)

Even during an unexpected evacuation, the dining team at Cook County -Nathan Middle School in Chicago surprised 250 students with a healthier twist to a classic dessert – the banana split sundae, prepared with vanilla yogurt, banana slices, and graham crackers.   According to Principal Rachel McKay, “We appreciate your quick action, flexibility, and teamwork to get all of our kids fed today.  You are an important part of our team.  Thanks again!”

District Manager Janice Mantle and Regional Marketing Manager Rylee Schaefer are pictured here serving samples.

Culturally-themed menus also have a place on K-12 by Elior menu!  Students at Renaissance Charter School at Summit in West Palm Beach, FL, enjoyed Mexican Sloppy Joe sandwiches with black beans, corn, sun chips, and fruit. Pictured from left to right are: Tonia Daris, Yunisledis Sosa, Yunieska Sosa, Vivian Fonseca, and Supervisor Ailema Martinez.